Our History

CereSoft is a healthcare revenue cycle management services company based in Silver Spring, Maryland.

For over 25 years, CereSoft has provided cutting edge services to its clients in the healthcare industry, while demonstrating thought leadership in technology services throughout the United States. With over 250 employees worldwide, CereSoft maintains a workforce that can handle all the revenue cycle needs of both burgeoning and established healthcare providers and financial institutions.

CereSoft Highlights:

  • CereSoft, Inc. is a corporation registered in Maryland, USA. It owns the CereSoft Information Technology Co. Ltd. in China
  • CereSoft was established in 1994.
  • H. H. Chen – Owner and President
  • CereSoft employs over 250 employees who focus on revenue cycle management services.
  • HH Chen has more than 40 years who studied and applied Neural Network technology to the character and document recognition systems.
  • HH founded Nonlinear Technologies, Inc., which was acquired by Adobe Systems and incorporated into Adobe’s Acrobat Capture product line.
  • HH left Adobe in 1994 and founded Advanced Telecommunication Technology, which developed a static and dynamic unstructured business form OCR data capture product line. A.T.T. was then renamed CereSoft Inc.
  • CereSoft developed cloud based technology that can process all types of healthcare A/R documents in its data centers, with a guaranteed turnaround in 24 hours at a 99.4% rate of data field accuracy.
  • CereSoft features a Web based command and control navigation platform that is available to providers and lockbox operators. CereSoft works together with these parties to resolve exceptions before the provider posts information to their accounting system.
  • CereSoft continues to innovate new services built on the award-winning healthcare revenue cycle services over the last 25+ years.

CereSoft’s Core Values

  1. Proven Implementation Methodology
  2. Extreme Client Support
  3. Open System Architecture
  4. Listen to our customers on solving problems
  5. Client Centric Mentality

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